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Friday, November 6, 2015

No Quilting To Show...

I have been working on a small quilt project,
but can't show it quite yet.
It's a secret and one I hope to have finished soon!

I do have a complete knitting finish though!
My very first sweater is completed....
buttons and all...

I wanted some fancy ceramic buttons,
but saw these plain brushed silver buttons
and knew they would look nice on the sweater.

It's finished just in time for cooler weather!

I ordered yarn to knit another sweater and am hoping
this next sweater is a bit easier and won't take
a year and a half!

Another sock is finished and it's mate is half done.

 This yarn is wonderful to knit.

I need to knit the short row heel and then will finish the foot.

Hopefully soon I will have more quiltiness to show here!

Please visit Patchwork Times to see other knitted creations.

Happy Friday!


Libby in TN said...

I still can't believe you picked that pattern for your first sweater! It's beautiful. And you may have discovered that ceramic buttons are too heavy for a sweater. Just sayin' ... from experience.

Frieda said...

Your sweater is beautiful! You picked a very advanced pattern for your first sweater. Simpler ones with one yarn don't take near as long. :)

straythreads said...

Happy feet is right and happy torso to wear that sweater! it really turned out nice and must feel wonderful! Well done!!!! have a great weekend

Sharon said...

Your sweater turned out beautiful- worth the wait. Maybe your next one will be easier.

Suzanne said...

The sweater is gorgeous....very nice finish!

Needled Mom said...

That is gorgeous. The colors are so pretty and you did a great job on it.

Lara B. said...

Wow - nothing like diving in the deep end, eh Ramona? this sweater turned out very beautiful - I love the colors! Those pretty socks go very well with it too!

Dar said...

Your sweater is absolutely beautiful. That is a major accomplishment. I'm just reading all the OTN postings that I missed with my computer problems, so this is way late, I know. I don't want to miss anything, right? lol Great looking socks too - my favorite colors there.