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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Amish Style Quilts

The History of Quilting club I belong to just finished a session on
Amish Quilting.
Amish quilts have always interested me.
The simplicity and starkness of the style are beautiful.

For this session we were asked to make an
Amish style quilt measuring no more than 24".
Let me just say,
I have a new appreciation for those who make Amish quilts.

Working with dark solid fabrics was a lot more difficult than I imagined,
especially when it came to the quilting.

We had our "reveal" today of the quilts we made and they were all
(Once again I didn't get pictures of all of the quilts!)
It was so neat to see the colors and designs we all chose.
No two were alike... even a little!

I will confess that I made two, but no one will see the first one
unless I rip out some of the quilting and do it again.
Solid fabrics show Every Single Stitch!!
There is no hiding mediocre quilting.

a second quilt was made and I hand quilted this one.
I learned that I need to do more hand quilting!
It leaves a bit to be desired.

 The pink isn't as bright as the picture shows,
but it does give a pop of color.
One challenge for me was to put colors together
that don't "match" in my book,
but it works here.

I really enjoy making nine patches
and love this design.

I don't see myself making too many Amish style quilts,
but I did learn a lot while making this one.

The best part of today was the quilt exchange.
We drew names to see whose quilt we would get to bring home.
I would have been thrilled with any of the quilts made by
this talented group of women.

This is my new treasure.

 (This quilt is square... It's the photographer who is crooked!)

This was pieced and hand quilted by Diane.
Isn't it gorgeous?

It's "Amish Modern" to me and
perfect for me with all of the bright colors!

Her hand quilting is wonderful and
I just love her design, too.

It will be exciting to begin our next session of History Club in January.
Linda, our leader, is planning a mystery!
Hopefully solid fabrics won't be needed. 

Happy Quilting!!


canuckquilter said...

Your Amish style quilt turned oput very well. I know what you mean about solid fabrics being unforgiving of wobbly stitching, though I'm sure yours wasn't as bad as you feel it was! This quilt group sounds interesting. Do you make a representative quilt for each piece of quilt history you study?

Vicki in MN said...

You are so right about the solids showing every stitch. But if you don't do you won't learn, LOL I always feel the quilting just blends in after you get it all done, of course that works better with dense quilting, and the Amish don't do dense. Both your quilt and the one you brought home are wonderful.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Both are very pretty. I love the description Amish Modern - very fitting for the quilt you received.

Libby in TN said...

My first visit to Amish country in Ohio I was determined to bring back "true Amish fabrics." I ended up paying top dollar for Kona solids I could get for less at Hobby Lobby! Still haven't used them. But I just came back from Amish country (Indiana) again with a collection of Kona solids and this time I plan to do something "Amish" and modern.

BTW, your quilt is lovely and the one you received is, too!

Needled Mom said...

Both are wonderful. I like the bright pink in there.

Cathy said...

Absolutely wonderful! You've done a fantastic job.

Churn Dash said...

The history club sounds like fun. The quilts look great.


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh yours turned out fantastic! And I love the new treasure you brought home - how pretty!

Lara B. said...

Your Amish quilt is so wonderful Ramona! I love the design and the colors! You are right, a color that "doesn't go" is perfect and provides that bit of excitement that makes the whole quilt come to life. I love Diane's quilt too! What a fun group you have!