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Friday, August 29, 2014

Knitting Needles Friday

There has been some clinking of the
Knitting Needles lately!

It's been a while since I picked up a pair,
but being in the car as much as I was last week
allowed for some knitting to be done.

I finished a pair of socks!

These were made with Kroy yarn and are 
So Soft!

A while ago I had started another pair, but had not done much on them.

One sock is done, waiting for the Afterthought Heel
and the other is well on it's way.

This yarn is BRIGHT....
and I love it!

I thought I had randomly started the second sock
so the stripes would fall together, but
that won't happen with this yarn.
It is all different...

These will give someone some
Happy Feet!

Please visit Patchwork Times to see what
others are knitting.

Happy Friday!


sklinn62 said...

Pretty socks!!

carol fun said...

LOVE these socks! I think I've knit a pair with each of those yarns and I am very happy with them. The Kroy yarn is great - I've machine washed and dried mine lots of time. I love the ombre effect in the Zauberball but I treat those socks a bit nicer - machine wash but air dry. Someone at the yarn store told me that will help the socks last longer. Happy knitting!

straythreads said...

Love the socks!! I machine wash my hand knit socks but always hang them to dry

Gari in AL said...

I truly love the socks you are knitting. I am soon to be on the hunt for 'bright' yarn. I only knit for myself but my feet are crying for bright.

Judy S. said...

What fun socks! Love both pair.

Tina said...

Bright and cheerful :)

kathy b said...

Beautiful! I have a pair of sock with one after though heel finished and one not…
Maybe I need a list to put that on. :)