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Friday, July 25, 2014

Rain and Two Finishes!

Yesterday it rained and rained here....
so I was able to play in my
"Hidey Hole"
for a while!

Today I have Two Finishes to share!

First, I completed the top of my latest quilt.
This top does not have a name yet,
but I love it!

I haven't decided if I will quilt this one or send it 
to my long arm quilter, but I am leaning toward sending
it out.
It might need something fancier then what I can do!

This one was made with 
Stripes, Dots and Shot Cottons
from Kaffe Fassett.

The second finish is a pair of socks I had 
started months ago.  All they needed were the
Afterthought Heels to be completed.

I knitted the second heel last night and they are
ready to be gifted!

After finishing the pair above, I started knitting the 
second sock on another pair I had started a while ago.
The pink yarn line in the first sock is where the
Afterthought Heel will be added.

I really enjoy knitting with the Kroy sock yarn.

No work was done on my sweater this past week.
I have read the directions for knitting the collar several times
and cannot figure out what they are telling me to do.
I think I am going to have to phone a friend!
Hopefully next week there will be progress to show on that again.

to see what others are creating!

Happy Friday!


Judy S. said...

Nice socks! Love the quilt also. One of these days I need to try an afterthought heel!

Snowcatcher said...

That quilt is really cheery and bright. And I love the rainbow sock. That's going to be a beautiful pair!

Dar said...

Your socks looks great. I especially love the color of the yarn in the last picture. Nice finish with your quilt too. Love all the bright colors.