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Friday, October 18, 2013

On My Needles...a new heel method!

The other day I was reading a knitting blog and
read about
"Afterthought Heels."

Have you ever knitted a heel
using this method?
(Here is a really good Tutorial.)

I am giving it a try.

So far so good....

A piece of waste yarn was knitted into the sock.
After I finished the sock,
I put the stitches back on my needles from
either side of the waste yarn 
and pulled the waste yarn out.

Now I'm ready to knit the heel.

It's like knitting the toe
with decreases until there
are 10 stitches or so on
each half.
Here is the front of the sock.
The yarn is some Christmas color
"Tuesday Morning" sale yarn.
Good to use while experimenting!
And I finished the pink
Youth Socks.
Join Judy at Patchwork Times
for some knitting inspiration!


sklinn62 said...

I took a class with the after thought heel but haven't knitted it on my own. Need to get brave and try it.

Let me know how you like that yarn. I saw it at Tuesday Morning too. They look pretty.

straythreads said...

Beautiful socks!! thanks for the link for the heel

Sandie said...

I love to use an after thought heel when using a self striping or patterning yarn. Doesn't interrupt the rhythm of the pattern, and if you can knit a toe, you can knit an afterthought heel! ;) great for contrast heel and toes too.