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Friday, July 17, 2020

Quilt Camp #2 2020

When I was deciding on what to take to quilt camp with me this year,
I knew I would take the Terrazzo Quilt for the first thing I'd make.
I went back and forth on what to take in addition and decided to 
take a kit that has been sitting in my cabinet for a while.

For those who have followed my blog,
you may remember an Escher quilt I finished in the fall of 2019.


 I am fascinated by M.C. Escher's art and love this quilt.

Well, the shop from which I ordered this kit has another Escher kit.
It's been here waiting for me to make it and now is the time.
The parts were cut and organized before I left
and I began sewing the units together at Quilt Camp.

It's so important to keep these units organized.
Not only do they need to be organized by combination of fabrics,
but they all need to go in a specific direction.


It took me three attempts to come up with a way to sew
the rows together and keep the units in order.
My seam ripper saw some action at the beginning of this process!


Can I just say that I am LOVING this quilt!


This pattern has the "shadows" and is more cube-like than the first one.
I did switch out some fabrics that I didn't like and replaced them with
fabrics more pleasing to me.

I'm about half way through sewing the rows together,
so this is going to take a little while,
but I sure am enjoying seeing this one come together.

Happy Quilting!


straythreads said...

WOW love it !! Amazing to keep all that organized

Libby in TN said...

The depth perception is amazing! I can see why you bought it and why you love it.

Debbie said...

Wow I love this quilt! The 3 dimensional look is amazing. I got to meet the designer/ brother of the quilt shop owner. He spoke at our guild and truly is one great quilter. You would have enjoyed it. Quiltagious is a great small shop: super fabrics and people who work there.
I do so enjoy following you!

Needled Mom said...

That is just gorgeous! I love that pattern.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Wow that is a ton of work! What an amazing visual impact.

Julierose said...

No wonder you are loving it--it is gorgeous--WOW--that takes some arranging--what a challenge--beautiful work...colors are just fabulous...
Hugs from afar Julierose

kupton52 said...

I thought the first "escher" quilt was THE ultimate in quilt art but this one is shaping up to be even more special. Could you bottle some of your organizational skills and send me about a quart? lol.... I am very impressed and a bit green with envy for your quilt camps but so glad you share photos. They are very inspiring! Blessings!

Unknown said...

I there. I love both of these Escher quilts. Can you tell me the shop you found the kits for these quilts in? I would love to make one, and my skills at finding and matching up fabrics are not up to standard. I would love to make one of these for my Dad (who is a mathematician!)