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Monday, October 14, 2019

Just Putzing....

This last week has found me hip deep in cleaning my kitchen.
The refrigerator and freezer have been emptied,
scrubbed and reorganized.
The pantry has had the same done to it.
Can I just say...it's amazing what gets hidden in the back
of shelves in both places!

Things have been slow going in my Hidey Hole.
The putzing has continued and I don't have much to show for it.

One thing I do need to share is this awesome sign
that my goddaughter made for me.

I saw the phrase on line somewhere and asked if she could make me a sign
with it.  She has a cricut machine.
We were out shopping and found the old pickets
at a vintage shop.
She cut them down, attached them to a board on the back
and painted the lettering.

I love it!!
Thank you, Petunia Blossom!


Things are progressing with the Gingerbread Cottage.
The trees and gingerbread people aren't attached yet,
but are finished.


The candy pieces on the sides are the advent pieces.
One will be added for each day of Advent.
I need to add the hangers and they will be finished.
There are more candy pieces to be made.
Slowly this is coming together.


All 110 blocks for my daughter and son-in-laws
Canyon Dance are made.
I need to begin laying them out and getting them in order.
Maybe that will happen soon.

That's about all that's happening in my neck of the woods.

Happy Quilting!


Sara said...

The advent piece is looking wonderful. And I love that sign.

Rebecca Grace said...

The gingerbread house looks amazing! Love the sign, too -- but I don't quite understand how the Cricut machine helped if it was painted. Can you make a stencil for painting with the Cricut machine? I thought it would just cut out lettering or shapes for applique? Looks like you're making great progress with your quilt, too. Accomplishing great things over there!

straythreads said...

You have a lot more to show for last week than I do!! the gingerbreadhouse is adorable as is the sign. Can't wait to see the blocks put together.
have a great week

Julie said...

I LOVE that sign! It is wonderful. Great progress on the Canyon Dance quilt and on your Gingerbread Advent. Amazing!

Kim said...

This certainly has been a lot happening in your neck of the woods. The sign is fabulous and oh how detailed is your gingerbread house. Wow, that is a lot of blocks. Have fun arranging them all.

Vicki in MN said...

Cute sign, she is a very good painter!