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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hearts and Geometrics

Quilters are such awesome people!
So kind and generous...
especially with their quilting talents.

A group in New Zealand is collecting green heart blocks
and are going to make quilts for the victims and
families of those killed and injured in the mass shooting there.
A woman here in the US is collecting hearts to send to them
from quilters here.
There is so much senseless tragedy in the world these days.
It's nice to lose oneself in the creating of something that will,
hopefully, bring a bit of peace and love to those who are suffering. 

These hearts and binding will be sent to be added to the quilts.
It would be wonderful if something like this is never needed again.

I have been working on the new quilt being made with Kaffe fabrics.
This quilt is one that I have to pay attention to while I am working!

Guess what this means!
Yep...the blocks have to be taken apart.
Even though I had written on the label what way the block is facing,
I STILL made it incorrectly!!

This is my progress so far!
I just love the pattern in this quilt.


Hopefully I will not need the seam ripper again after using
it on the stack of blocks above.


These are my block sets, labeled and stacked.
I have eight more sets to make
and then I can begin putting the top together.

Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting!


straythreads said...

Wow! triangles are so much easier to mess up than squares. I have moved my sewing machine so it sits square to the design wall so I can see where each block will go as I sew. Sometimes I'm a bit anal about doing things and I still mess up or find a different way to arrange things. good luck can't wait to see the finished quilt top

Needled Mom said...

Your heart blocks are so pretty. I love those triangle Kaffe blocks, but they do look tricky as far as sewing goes. They will make a gorgeous quilt.

Preeti said...

Oh Ramona, in a world where there is one disaster after another I am glad we have each other. If you could share the information about the green heart blocks on your blog, may be others can join in the effort. I sure would like to make a block or two.
Kaffe is my favorite too. I am sure that this quilt will be worth all the time whether it is spent with the needle or the seam-ripper :-D

kupton52 said...

You are so right---quilters are the most generous group of people I've ever known. From your lips to God's ear that these things will never happen again. I love your newest Kaffe Fassett project...the blocks are beautiful but the layout is fantabulous. (lol...I haven't used that word in a decade or more!!!) You and your perfect partial seams! p.s. Emma is being induced tomorrow so I will have a new granddaughter very, very soon. You know where I will be tomorrow, don't you!

Vicki in MN said...

Fabulous that you are able to make the hearts to give someone some quilty comfort. Your Kaffe quilt is going to be so bright, I 'll bring my sunglasses next time, hehe.

Julie said...

I love your new Kaffe project! What fun! The heart blocks are wonderful.

Kim said...

The quilting world is filled with lovely people who stitch beautiful quilts for people who are in need of a warm hug. Your quilt blocks are lovely. It seems these days there is always a tragedy happening somewhere in this world. I do believe most countries are hurting in some way. Your Kaffe Fasset quilt is going to be amazing. I love all that pattern and design already and you have only just begun. I love how all those fabrics dance together. I can't wait to see the progress of this gorgeous quilt.

Barb said...

What is the pattern are you using. I have lot of kaffe rasset fabric and like it too. Thanks for your time