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Friday, January 11, 2019

Slow Stitching

2019 started off with some travel up north to visit family
and with all three of us getting bad colds.
At least we've taken care of that for the year.... I hope!

Since we were traveling, not much has happened in my
Hidey Hole, but I have big plans for this year.

Now that the Christmas decorations are put away,
I hope to do a deep clean of this mess of a room I have.
Things have gotten a bit out of control and I know that no one
else has this problem. :)

While the sewing machine has been quiet,
I have been doing some very mindless hand stitching.

Years ago I purchased a bag of scrappy wool circles.
The circles came in two sizes with about 200 in the bag.
Back in the fall I saw a garland made with wool circles and stars
and knew I had found a project for these wool rounds.

Aren't these wool pieces beautiful?
 I stitched the small circle onto the large circle using silk thread.
The buttonhole stitch is not my favorite to use,
or maybe I should say MY buttonhole stitch is just not pretty.

The circles were pinned to a black ribbon,
stitched and stuffed as I sewed along.


I'm not sure how long this will end up being,
but it will be fun to use at Christmas.

I'm off to clean and hopefully play some later!

Happy Quilting!


straythreads said...

You do like puttzy projects but I’m envious that will look wonderful on your Christmas tree
Thanks for all your comments have a great weekend tidying up your hidey hole

Needled Mom said...

That's so pretty. It's also a great takealong project.

chrisknits said...

How cute! And perfect for when you are needing a mindless project.

Julie said...

What a cute idea with the wool circles. It is very cute! I am glad you are feeling better and good luck on that cleaning!

kupton52 said...

Isn't wool beautiful! They are so pretty....I'm sure you'll find a great decorating use for them. I see also see peeking out from under the wool gems is that pretty quilt made from 30's fabrics! lol.....you know I'm a sucker for 30's reproductions and always love to see this one find it's way to one of your posts. Don't let the Hidey Hole stay empty too long.