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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hawaiian Quilt Table Topper

Six years ago we went to Hawaii to celebrate
my youngest daughter's graduation from graduate school.
While we were there, I visited a wonderful quilt shop on Kauai.
It had one of the best selections of batik fabrics, as well as
 a number of Hawaiian quilt designs cut and ready to applique.

I bought one and appliqued the design onto the background right away.
Then it sat. And found it's way into my box of shame.

It has been released and finished!

I know why I didn't finish this one years ago.
I do not enjoy hand quilting and the traditional Hawaiian quilts
are hand echo quilted around the design.

In order to get this out of the box and in the finished pile,
I machine quilted the echos.

This batik was a great memento of Hawaii because of the shells in the design.  

It is finished and resides on a side table in my family room.

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.

Happy Quilting!


swooze said...

What a great week of finishing!!

Churn Dash said...

I love it! I have a friend who wants some sea animal themed batiks. I think she probably needs to go to Hawaii!

I need to look in my book of quilts in progress and see what I need to work on. You have me inspired to try and finish something old.


chrisknits said...

Done is better than keeping to the rule of Hawaiian quilting law? Not as catchy when you put that all together. LOL! But it sure is a sweet finish!!!

straythreads said...

Beautiful that design would have been fun to machine quilt but hand quilt not so much. It yours its done and its Beautiful
have a great week

Needled Mom said...

I have always admired the Hawaiian quilt designs. I'm not sure I could do a fully hand quilted one, but the machine quilting looks so pretty on the one you did. I love the fabric with the shells - perfect for memories of the islands.

Libby in TN said...

Beautiful! There is no shame in machine quilting. I bet I know the shop; I bought stack of batik FQs for a pineapple (the fruit) quilt and pattern there.

Rebecca Grace said...

Beautiful job! I think this was a great piece for machine quilting. Hand quilting is a different skill, different effect, but there's a time and place for machine quilting, too. Good for you, finishing this up so you can enjoy it!

Julie said...

What a great block and a fun finish. I posted a pic of one of my Hawaiian blocks in a top in my stack to quilt and yes I am going to machine quilt! I made mine way before I went to Hawaii. You must about be to the bottom of the box of shame, unless it's a really big box! Way to go.

AnnieO said...

A finish to celebrate! Nothing wrong with that. Beautiful job you did on the quilting. Enjoy.