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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Quiet Time

It has been very quiet on my blog the last couple of weeks.

I've been traveling and returned from
"across the pond"

My husband and I took a trip he has dreamed about
for years....
a river cruise to see Normandy.

We started in Paris and cruised the Seine.
It was magical!

A visit to Monet's Giverny was beautiful...
Dahlia's taller than I am!

After a few more stops,
we arrived at Normandy,
where we had a very emotional ceremony
in one of the American cemeteries...

And were able to walk on the landing beaches.

I have a LOT of photos to go through
and will make an album to remember this
wonderful time.

Before I left I took my sewing machine in for its
annual cleaning and service.

It's not back yet!!!!

To keep myself from shaking,
I've been cutting out quilts 
so I can sew and sew when my machine is back.

This one is a kit using Kaffe's shot cottons and stripes.

I just love his stripes!

Another quilt being cut will have Kaffe orange prints
along with black on white fabrics.

Hopefully my machine will be home soon and
I can begin sewing these together.

Happy Quilting!


Sara said...

That would have been trip for my dreams too! Wow - so envious. Lovely photos.

kupton52 said...

I was going to give you another day before I checked to see if anything was wrong...I was hoping you were on a wonderful trip.....and you were! My uncle, William Sidney "Bill" Allen was one of the brave soldiers who stormed the beach at Normandy that fateful day and lived to tell of it. Sadly, he's gone now, but I loved to hear his stories as I grew up. I'm so happy for you. Glad you're home....

Needled Mom said...

We were both away at the same time. Your trip sounds amazing. I can imagine the emotions when visiting Normandy. Your photos look great.

I am with you on loving the Kaffe stripes. I hope your machine is back soon so you can start playing.

Vicki in MN said...

Loved seeing your pix, I thought you must be away since you hadn't posted for a while-good for you! I talked about you on my blog yesterday, did ya see it, hehe.

Julie said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you had a great trip! The new projects look fun. I have a shot cotton and Kaffe stripes kit I bought from Craftsy last year, still unsewn of course! I actually want to finish it this year and gift it to someone. I hope you get your machine back soon!

straythreads said...

welcome home! your trip is on my bucket list looking forward to seeing your progress sewing everything that you cut!

Debbie said...

The perfect time of year for your visit to France. I wish every American could experience a trip to Normandy...it is the most thought provoking place I have ever visited.

Libby in TN said...

Ooh, river cruise is definitely on my bucket list.