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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Bucilla Kit finish

The other night I put the final stitches in the
Bucilla kit I chose to make in April.

This stocking is so cute,
but... Holy Cow!! there were A LOT of 
white sequins and beads used on this stocking!

The eyes on this design just pop.
I think Santa knows what I've been up to!

Hopefully the quilted stocking base will be made soon
and this will be put away until Christmas.

Now to decide which kit will be made in May!

Happy Quilting!

Or Stitching!


Needled Mom said...

That is such a sweet stocking. I love those Bucilla kits.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I have gotten as far as reading my directions and buying a new bead sorter with lids! Too many other things going on, but I look forward to it.

Julie said...

That's weird, I came through as anomymous! The above comment is me!

Debbie said...

When I saw your blog title I was so anxious to see your latest Bucilla finish! Cute, cute, cute! Always a challenge to decide which kit to tackle next.

Lara B. said...

He's a super cute Santa and you are right Ramona, he looks like he knows what you've been up too, so be good for goodness sake! It just goes with the song all the better, LOL.