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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another Quilter in the House?

As I have mentioned before, 
I have two daughters,
neither of whom have had any desire to
follow in my quilting footsteps.. at all.

Until this week.

My oldest daughter has Down Syndrome
and fine motor activities are difficult for her.
A dear friend is getting married in October
and my daughter decided she wanted to make
this friend a table runner for a wedding gift.

Off to the quilt shop we went
and found some gorgeous fall fabric.

I cut the runner out and we layered and basted.

Then DD began to quilt it.
(My sewing machine has a speed button...
perfect for this situation!)

SLOWLY stitching the lines across the runner...
stopping to smooth and straighten.

The runner is finished and DD could not be more excited!
 (I sewed the binding onto this first runner.)

The quilted lines...
She LOVES the squiggly lines on it!
"It's perfect!"

Now she is making a list of people for whom 
she will be making runners for Christmas.
This is how the obsession begins, right??
It's exciting.

I did finish the second little heart quilt.
(Story found here.)

I'll put this one away until I need another happy gift.

Happy Quilting everyone!


Beth Croswell said...

You should be so proud! I sure would be. She did a great job.

Podunk Pretties said...

She'd did wonderfully! Impressive, my 26 yr old daughter can't even sew on a button let alone make a runner.

Lana said...

I am so excited for you and her! Yep! That is how I started too!
Great times ahead for sure!

Terri said...

You two are the dynamic duo of table runners. What a wonderful gift to get for a wedding! There will not be another like it. Good job!
This is such a happy story. Thanks for the smile I am wearing.