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Friday, January 3, 2014

Knitting Needles Friday

Here we are....
knitting in 2014!

I finished all of my Christmas knitting
and have gifted all of it .
Hopefully there are some warm
feet and hands
among my family and friends.

While knitting gifts,
I have neglected the
I started for myself
back in the fall.

I am making the shawl larger than the pattern size
for extra warmth!
It's difficult to get a decent picture,
but you get the idea.

Only two sections left to go!
Then I have to block it.
Any suggestions on blocking something this large?
I am VERY new to blocking!

I never did an end of 2013 knitting post,
so I gathered pictures of some of my 
knitting finishes

Lots of toasty fingers and toes!

Visit Judy at Patchwork Times
to see what others have on their needles!

Happy Knitting in 2014!!


Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your shawl!

Judy D in WA said...

I love the shawl. Thanks for the collage idea--I hurried to make my own. :) You finished a lot of fabulous projects last year.

Unknown said...

I love the shawl and all the wonderful colors of socks. My goal is to knit 4 pair this year. Hefty challenge since it took my all year to finish one pair last year. Keep the needles rockin in 2014

Beth said...

You had a very product year. Beautiful color for the shawl.

Shari said...

Very pretty shawl, and love all your socks. This just has to be the year I can complete a pair of socks!

straythreads said...

great colors and yarns for shawl. Fun to see all the pics of your finished projects