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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ten things this summer....

.... I enjoy reading other blogs and getting ideas.
A Quilting Life blog asked 
what are ten things we would like to 
complete this summer?

Here is my list.
1. Machine quilt two baby quilts tops that are 
waiting to become Baby Quilts.

2. Complete this sweet little mini quilt.  I bought the pattern last
year in Oregon and started it during the winter.

3. Finish this Watermelon quilt. I also bought this 
pattern in Oregon.

4. Piece the "Red Barn" quilt.  The pieces are
ALL CUT!  Just need to sew.  

5. Finish this Snowball quilt.  So close!

6. Baste this quilt top that my
I am going to hand quilt it.  

7. Make a Christmas Tree quilt for 
a wedding gift.  I made this one last year.
Not sure what pattern I will use this year.  

8. Complete these pillows.

9. Begin this Stocking for a friend.
I made several of these stockings from kits last year and
LOVED making them.  They are kind of vintage-y.  :)

10. Continue with "Scrap Therapy"...
Two bags of scraps left!

I am a list maker, so this should help me to
make better use of my quilting time.

We shall see!


Bonnie said...

That's quite a big list! Good luck getting to all of it. FYI -- Long armers can baste your quilt for you fairly quickly and very inexpensively --- then you can spend time on the actual hand quilting. Just a thought.

Ramona said...

It is a big list! I know I am over-estimating what I can get done, but... I have asked my long arm quilter if she could baste my great-grandmother's quilt and she is afraid the fabric would be too fragile. It might be worth taking it to her to have her look at it. Thanks for the suggestion!


Sherri said...

Fun projects! I love the tree skirt from last year! And the snowball quilt is going to be amazing!

Ramona said...

Thank you for your kind words! I really like the tree skirt from last year, too, and may make another like it. Happy Quilting!