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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another recent finish... Bargello in the Round

I took a class at one of my LQS's
and LOVED making these
Bargello in the Round quilts.
From Cheryl Phillips' book
Quilts Without Borders.
Made with Kaffe Fassett fabric
..... my FAVORITE!!
In making this quilt, the "original" quilt is made
with the first cutting of wedges.
The scraps are sewn back together and a 
"bonus" quilt can be made.
This quilt is the "original" quilt from the pattern.

This is the "bonus" quilt made from the scraps after cutting the wedges for the original.

The "original" quilt pieces are wider.

I like the "Bonus" quilt more.. smaller pieces so more movement in the piece.


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Lucky Kids said...

This is gorgeous! Beautiful Quilting!!!