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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Solid Fun!

It's amazing what is found when cleaning is done, isn't it??
I knew I had some solid color fabrics in my stash.
For the longest time these were just pushed onto a shelf in
one of my cabinets. I have deep cabinets, so it was a deep shelf.
No rhyme or reason to how they were stored...
just added to the piles on the shelf.

In my cleaning of my Hidey Hole,
I decided it was time to organize this shelf
and put some order to my solid fabrics stash.
I had a LOT of fabric stuffed onto that shelf.
After the fabrics were folded and organized,
it was time to make something with them.

Last year I bought this book after looking at a friends' copy.

Out came the book and out came some fabric.

After several days of cutting and sewing this is what I have...

The little triangles look like stained glass to me.
I just love how this has come together.


One thing with solids....
they sure show the wrinkles and creases.
I've ironed each piece at least twice,
but you breath on it and it wrinkles.


The pattern calls for the zig zag edge to be bound as is.
I may play with half triangles to see if I like that look better.
If not, I will get this top sewn together and added to the
"to be quilted" pile.

I have several other quilts picked out to make from this book.
We shall see where I am lead next!

Happy Quilting!
Be safe, be well.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I was looking through bins this week to and found so much fabric I was wondering when did I get them and why haven't I used them - and of course that led me to start something new - it is fun "finding" fabric isn't it

Hilachas said...

I often run into fabric I “wish I had remembered I had this” when I was making some other project. You’ve done beautiful things with your “found” solids. Yes, stained glass.

Libby in TN said...

Coincidentally I have been working with 60-degree angles, too and I plan to do a little tutorial on the side filling triangles later today. What brand of triangle are you using?

Kim Sharman said...

Oh wow, all those colourful triangles look amazing. They do look like stained glass windows. You certainly found a fabulous stash of fabrics deep in your shelf.

Vicki in MN said...

Guess what Ramona, you are just like the rest of us, hehe. It's the fabric stealing squirrel that hid it from you!! That quilt looks like controlled scrappy to me:) It's gonna be so pretty! I have lots of autumn solids and wish I could come up with something to whip up with them.