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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Swirls of Color #2


I am hooked!

Making these Swirls of Color
really makes me smile.
There's no pattern and
it's best to not have a plan.
Just sew a strip,
pick the next one,
sew that one on,
pick the next one.
Do this until it's finished
and then embellish.

Swirls of Color #2

Made with papers, fabrics, sari silk remnants, yarns, trims, ribbons, threads, beads and sequins.

It will join Swirls of Color #1

I'll wait a bit to begin #3.

There will be a #3!
And then they will hang together somewhere in my home.

Happy Creating!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Fall Table Runners

 Last week, Sara, at My Sewing Room
posted a couple of 60 degree table runners she had made from
border fabric.  She has made a number of these
over the years and they all look so nice.
After reading this latest table runner post,
I pulled out some fall border fabric I had purchased last year
and decided I was going to make a 60 degree table runner myself. 

These table runners go together so quickly!
Out of 1 1/2 yards of fabric I was able to make
two long runners and two table toppers.

I bought this fabric at a quilt shop in upstate NY last summer
when I was there for quilt camp.
The colors and the fall design caught my eye.

These are the two table toppers.
I was able to cut the ends  so two pieces sewn together
made one wedge.

I had the backing and binding fabric in my stash
and love this side, too.

One is on my dining room table, ready for Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the inspiration, Sara!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Three Dudes Quilt

 A while ago I watched a you-tube video from
They made this beautiful quilt using a
jelly roll and the 1 1/2" jelly roll.
I loved that quilt and knew I would be making it soon.
A jelly roll has been hanging in my cabinet for a bit
and I thought this would work well with this design.
 Out it came and the sewing began.
All was going so well until I began cutting the blocks.
From one strip set, I should have been able to cut 3-15" blocks.
I was only able to cut two!
It had nothing to do with my sewing or cutting,
my strip sets were just not long enough.
Thankfully, I was able to order another jelly roll
and made the rest of the blocks.
This quilt is much darker feeling than the quilt
made in the you-tube video,
but I love the colors.

It went together so quickly since the strips were cut already.
The black strips really make the colors pop.

My original plan was for this to be a baby quilt
for my niece's baby, due in December.
After getting all of the blocks finished,
it's too dark (and big!) for a baby quilt.
I'll finish it and will have it here when I need
a quilt for a man.

I just love how the middle glows.
The design has a Celtic feel to it, I think.

 My sewing machine is in for a cleaning and servicing.
Once it's back home, I'll sew these blocks together into a top.

I may have to try this design again with some brighter fabrics!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Escher In Shadows Finished!

 When two of my favorite things come together,
life is Wonderful!
As those who follow me know,
I love, love, love Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
(As my goddaughter said the other day while shopping for 
fabric with me, why would anyone use any other fabrics?
I have her brainwashed, too! :D)
In addition, I really like MC Escher's art.
It fascinates me.
So, when I found a kit with an Escher design,
made with Kaffe fabrics, it was a no-brainer.
This is the second Escher design I've made and I love them both.
As I said, this was a kit, but I did switch out some of the fabrics
to ones I liked better. 
This Escher quilt was actually very easy to make.
The largest challenge was staying organized.
The parts had to be placed in a specific order,
in a specific direction to make the design work.
I used labels to mark each part and kept them in order
on my cutting table as I sewed them together.

It looks like you could climb right into this quilt
and have a seat on one of the cubes.

The quilting design is called "Alex" and gives the quilt just
enough without taking away from the design.

I backed it with the turquoise grunge fabric that I also used for the binding.

There is one more Escher design in a kit with Kaffe.
Should I go for it? 
I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

WAY Out of My Comfort Zone

 As a number of us have mentioned on our blogs
over the past few months,
the quilting mojo has disappeared
or at least faded quite a bit.

In trying to find out where mine has gone,
I've been reading different blogs and things on line.
One blog post I found talked about an on line course
this blogger took, taught by Isobel Moore.
The course is called "Swirls of Colour"
and I was hooked.
As soon as I could, I signed up for the course
and started collecting supplies.
I have never really done any mix media art before
and knew this was going to be a real challenge for me.
No precise seams,
no precise patterns, 
no precise plans. 

We just start and see where we are lead.

Well, I've finished my first piece.

This has not been trimmed yet
and will be placed behind a piece of mat... maybe!
I am not a painter and never have been,
so preparing the background was actually a bit of a challenge.
It's canvas with paper and then it's painted.
The paper can be anything and Isobel recommends scrap papers.
I used the papers from my Sunday church service.

Once the background is dry,
the sewing begins.
The most time consuming part was changing threads with
just about every strip of fabric.


I found some sari silk remnants,
cut thin strips of batiks,
used trims of various kinds,
pulled out some fun threads
and just played with everything.

My first mistake was having something planned in my head.
This looks nothing like what I had planned and,
at first, I was disappointed.
Then I looked at what I liked and what
I would do differently next time.
There will be a next time!
After making this 9" square piece,
I decided to make some smaller pieces that
could be Christmas ornaments.

I prepared some backgrounds with music
and painted it with reds and greens.

This is what I have so far.
Beads and sequins need to be added and then
these will be backed.
We shall see where this goes,
but I'm having fun!

Happy Creating!!

Monday, October 5, 2020

A New Knitting Skill

 This past week saw a little sewing in my Hidey Hole.
For some reason, the desire isn't as strong as it usually is to sew.
I know it will come back, so I'm enjoying doing other things with my time.

I did get the borders sewn onto this scrappy quilt that's been
hanging on my design wall for weeks.
I just love the border fabric!


Except for the sashing fabric,
this quilt was made with just Kaffe fabrics.
It didn't put a dent in my scraps,
but we all know they multiply while we sleep!

I need to find or piece the backing for this one
and may quilt it myself.

What I'm really excited about this week is a new
knitting skill I taught myself.

I found this pattern a while ago on Ravelry (Chevron Love),
but put off knitting it for months
because I have never done color change
with knitting.
I had in my head that it would be a 
tangled mess of yarn while knitting,
and, while the yarns did get twisted,
it really was pretty easy.

This week I'll be going to my local yarn shop to find
a furry pompom for the top.

The hat is finished (including weaving in ALL of the tails!)
and the first mitten has been cast onto my needles.

Happy Creating!!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Roy G Biv is Finished

Not a lot has been happening in my Hidey Hole,

but I did get the binding sewn onto this fun quilt I put together at

quilt camp this past summer.

 I can't remember the name of the pattern and can't put my 

hands on it right now, but I'll call it Roy G. Biv.  

As I was gathering the fabrics for this quilt I added two colors

to make it a real rainbow quilt.


This was made with all solids and trying to choose

the fabrics on line was a challenge.

I bought some duds, but was able to use most of what I purchased.


This quilt design is called "Honeycomb" and I love it.

It gives such good texture to the quilt and gives it a

more modern feel.

The binding fabric is a Kaffe and has all of the colors in the quilt.

I had purchased this fabric for something else,

but realized it's perfect binding for this one.

This still needs to be washed and then will be put

on the shelf, waiting to see where it will live.


Okay... I finally had to go to the new blogger, which I'm not thrilled with,

and cannot figure out how to get rid of the space between the lines of type. 

Any suggestions?

Happy Quilting!