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Friday, May 28, 2021

Scrappy Kaffe Finish

 This quilt was finished a few days ago,
but I didn't take the time to take photos of it until today.
The top was finished quite a while ago
and was one of the five I sent to my LAQ before I moved.
I really enjoyed making these blocks.
I can't remember the name of pattern and
have not looked in my boxes of patterns to find it,
but it was a wonderfully mindless quilt to make.
The pattern had all of the blocks sewn together
without sashing,
but it was way too busy for me.
There was nowhere for my eye to rest.

And you know I loved working with my Kaffe scraps!

The deck in my new house isn't as good for taking photos.
It was a super sunny day today, too.

This border fabric really works well with all of the colors in the quilt.

The sashing has tiny yellow polka dots
and the quilting was done with orange thread.

I think this quilt will go to a dear friend of mine.
I have given her table toppers and a wall hanging,
but have never given her a lap quilt.

There may be another quilt made from these blocks in my future.


Happy Quilting!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Finish!!!

 This quilt has been a long time in the making.
The top has been finished for several years
and just hung in my hidey hole, waiting to be quilted.
Before we moved, I sent a number of quilts off to be quilted
and put this one in the pile.

It is now done and ready to be donated.

Several years ago I decided to cut all of my
reproduction fabrics into  strips and squares and
use them up or move them out.
I'm not a fan of reproduction fabrics,
but have family members who love these quilts.
This one is the second quilt I made with HST's.

I love the simplicity of HST quilts.
The design allows the fabrics to sing.

It's so wonderful to have a finish!
Onto the next quilt that needs binding.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Temporary Set Up

 I am finally to a point where I can think of sewing and creating again!
My set up is temporary until the cabinets and such are built,
but I am making it work.
We creative types will do what we have to do to be able to create,
won't we?

Thankfully I use a table for my sewing machine
so that it's at the right height for me.
This table can go just about anywhere.

And look what I found!
Fabric for binding one of my quilts!

The binding is slowly getting stitched down to the back.
It feels so good to be doing this in my down time.

And look at what else I found!
One day I suddenly remembered where my rulers were
and found the 60 degree ruler!

This quilt is going to be for one of my brothers.
He loves all things mechanical and geometrical.
It will be a fun one to make.
The colors will be different from the pattern...
yellows, greens and grays with an aqua background.
Now if I can get rid of this thing for good,
I'd really be in business...

Too much painting and cleaning
and not nearly enough fun.
Happy Quilting!