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Friday, August 30, 2019

Sea Life

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?
For a while I had been looking for a pattern
for this fabric with a big print.
Cutting it up into small pieces
would not have done it justice.

One day I was cruising the internet and found the 
perfect pattern for this fabric.
I pulled other fabrics to go along with it and made the top.

"Sea Life" is now a finished quilt!
I am super pleased with this finish
and never dreamed it would turn out so well.

 I thought and thought about how I was going to quilt 
Sea Life and then one day it came to me....
just use a simple grid.
The fabrics speak for themselves in this quilt.

My husband cannot believe I am giving this one away.
 My friend, who lives at the beach, will love it
and it goes with the color scheme in her bedroom.


I stitched the quilting lines 2 1/2" apart in the grid.


There may be enough of this fabric left to make another quilt.
Maybe my husband will get one, too.

(I need to find some taller quilt holders!)

"Sea Life" is a finish and is ready for gifting.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Under the Sea Finish

My Hidey Hole has gotten out of control again.
I had done so well for a while,
keeping things neat and organized
and having my piles to a minimum.
Then my old habits reared their ugly heads.

It is time to get some things finished
and the piles out of my room.

"Under the Sea" needed quilting
and would be the quickest finish of the bunch.
It was quilted and bound over the last few days
and is off the table!

This quilt is the result of a mistake I made making
another quilt.
I love these kinds of mistakes!


The fabrics are "Calypso" and are
digitally printed.
I used a grunge dot for the background fabric


These colors are pretty true in this photo....
so vibrant and rich.


This quilt hasn't told me where it's going yet,
so will stay with me for a while.


There was a large piece of the focus fabric left over, 
so I pieced the backing.
Amazingly, it's pretty centered!

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Working on Another Pile

Years ago I bought a fat quarter bundle of
fabrics that are not in my normal color choices at all.
I don't remember why I bought them,
but I must have liked them at the time.

I made a quilt for a friend using bits of the fabrics
and she loved it, so maybe I bought the fabrics
for that particular quilt.
Who knows!

This quilt was made in 2011,
so I've had this pile of fabrics since then!

I decided something was going to be done to get these
fabrics out of my cabinet.
Out came my ruler and rotary cutter
and the cutting began.

The "go to" block for me is the
Disappearing Four Patch.
 I think this is the 8th one I've made with this block.


It's wild, chaotic, crazy and pieced together.


I'm going to use the left over fabrics for the backing
and get the rest of these out of my stash.


Someone will like this quilt....maybe.
Maybe it will make a nice picnic quilt.
Anyway, it's almost finished
and some mindless sewing was done to make the blocks.

Happy Quilting!
Even when it's ugly!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Woven Baby Quilt

Another baby quilt is in the works in
my Hidey Hole.
A mentee of my husband's and his wife are due next month
and are having a boy.

I've had this pattern for a while and had all of these
fun, bright prints and thought they would work well
with this woven design.

The cutting and sewing began and this top was made.

I wanted a polka dot background and found this
subtle white with tiny black dots.
It really works well with the bright prints.


Many more blocks can be made with the number of strips
I cut from the pile of fabrics.
That means another one of these will probably be in my future!


I think straight line quilting will work well with this one.
The backing needs to be pieced or found. :)

This one will go into the "to be quilted" pile.
This pile is getting rather large,
so some basting needs to be done soon!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Cathedral Window Pillow

Over the past year and some I have made a lot of pillows.
This Cathedral Window pillow made from my friends ties
is my favorite.

This pattern is one of my favorite patterns to make
and it's so easy if you follow the


I was able to fussy cut a group of giraffes from one of the ties
and put them on the bottom of the pillow.


This backing fabric was in my stash
and would make a beautiful tie if it was silk. :)


This will be delivered to my friend very soon.
I like this so much,
I might have to make myself one!  

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 9, 2019

One More Tie Item

For those who follow my blog,
you know that I was given a bunch of ties
by a dear friend who retired two years ago now.

I have made him a quilt from these ties,
a Christmas stocking for each of his grandchildren
and now I am making a pillow.
There are so many little pieces left from the ties
and I can't leave them alone.

This will be it....I think! :)

I started by cutting 3" squares from the tie scraps
and black fabric.
All of the tie pieces have interfacing on the back to
stabilize them and give some more heft.

Then I used the Missouri Star tutorial
and made a Cathedral Star pillow top.

I just love working with all of the different ties.
The silks just shine and really pop with the black panes.


He had quite a variety of ties, too.


I had one more piece of the giraffe tie and was able to 
fussy cut it so the giraffes are standing in the middle of the window.


The pillow will be finished and will be delivered, 
along with the stockings,
in person soon.

Here is the quilt I made and gave him in January:

The stockings.

I think I'm done playing with these ties,
but time will tell.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Pink and Gray Baby Quilt

For those of you who follow my blog, 
you know that the title of this blog is not me.
I rarely make baby color baby quilts.
The brighter the better for me.

The daughter of a dear friend just had a baby
and I struggled with what design to use for the quilt.
I had come up with one design, but was not happy with my
drawing of the parts needed to make it.

Finally, I decided to make a quilt using this design
and use pinks and a gray... the colors of the nursery.  
The right pinks were few and far between in my stash,
so I had to go shopping.
Pink is not my favorite color, but I do like it with gray.

Here is what I made....

This design uses half square triangles and a few squares
and is very easy to make.

I did get one of the HST's turned by the heart
and had to use my seam ripper for that.
Not bad!

This heart kind of hides in the HST's
and I love that.


Now to get this quilted!

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday  and Monday Making today.

Happy Quilting!