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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Donation Baby Quilt

Last month I finished a baby quilt made with pastel, soft colors.
I had  a lot of leftover 2 1/2" squares and decided to put them right to 
use instead of sticking them somewhere and finding them months later.

A Trip Around the World quilt was in order with all of the squares.

The simple design received simple quilting.
It ended up being such a sweet little quilt.

It's been folded, waiting to be laundered.
It will go to my church's baby quilt stash.


This photo really captures the true colors in the fabrics.


Another quilt finished and another pile gone!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, March 23, 2020


Raise your hand if you are making masks for your local
hospital or health care facility.
Who would have ever thought that we would be in a place
where we would be asked to make masks and gowns?
The quilt group I belong to was asked to make masks
for a daughter of a member's work place.
Then my goddaughter, who works at the hospital,
said the hospital is in need, too.
We pulled fabrics from our stash,
found what elastic we could and went to town.

As I was cleaning my hidey hole the other day,
I found a stack of theme fabrics I had used years ago in a quilt.
I almost put this stack in the donation pile because I didn't know 
when I would use them again.

Well.... they made really cute masks!

Sports theme mask...
Golf masks were made, too, but not photographed.

This music print is fun!


Peacock feathers and NYC taxis!

There were also coffee label masks, glitzy masks, 
sewing items masks, carpenter tools masks, and lots more.
I have a little more elastic, so a few more will be made.

I sure hope these aren't needed for long!

Praying for protection from the virus and good health for all.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Baby K's Quilt

My nephew and his wife are expecting their third child any day now.
They have two boys and are having a girl this time.
My niece by marriage loves orange,
so I pulled out this jelly roll I had, along with some cream solid
and made this quilt.


It went together pretty quickly and really shows off the strips of fabric.


I used a loose swirl to quilt it with pale yellow thread.


You know I love this backing fabric!
Big and little polka dots....
Perfect in my opinion!


I'm awaiting her arrival so the label can be made.
Then it will be delivered.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Candy Bags

What a time to give up reading blogs and such for Lent!
Reading blogs helps keep my mind off of things,
but I've held out and have not given in to the temptation
during these unusual times.

So, instead of reading or being out in public,
I've been sewing.

My sister had collected a pile of candy bags to be made
into little pouches.  They have been sitting here on a shelf,
along with some I had collected from others,
waiting to be used and their time came over the last few days.

There is quite a variety here.
And, NO, I did not eat the candy!

This one is reversible,
Tootsie Roll on one side,
Kisses on the other.


I made this bunch assembly line style,
so took a photo of all of them when I finished.


This one is my favorite!
My sister gave me this bag.
I hadn't thought to use a chocolate chip bag for this!

This bag is totally different.
A while ago I found a tutorial on line and had to make one.
The sequins were purchased at the Dollar Store...
$1/pack and I used two packs in this bag.
The most difficult part of making this bag
was turning it inside out.

I have more sequins and may make a couple more of these,
but, otherwise, I'm done with bags for a while!

Happy Quilting!
Be well all!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Brian's Christmas Tree Skirt

We are attending a wedding in a little over a week
and the gift is finished!

My usual wedding gift is a quilted Christmas Tree Skirt,
when appropriate, of course!

I haven't kept track of how many I've made,
but this one is a favorite.

I love the fabrics, the design and the finish.

The fabrics are from "Splendid" by Robin Pickens.
That border fabric..... gorgeous!!


I saw a finished tree skirt on line and copied the design.
Cardinals were fussy cut for the centers of the HST blocks.


This design may be used
 again in a scrappier way.
Or it would be pretty in a more controlled way, too.


Now it will be wrapped and delivered to the Bride and Groom.

Happy Quilting!