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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Connect the Dots....

June has ended up being a month of finishes for me...
Thank Goodness!

I had all of these quilt tops done and needed to get them quilted and bound.

I finished
"Connect the Dots"
(thanks for the name, Lea Anne!)
back in March and finally took it to my LAQ last month.
Today I finished sewing the binding down
and I am so happy with this quilt.

We had a GORGEOUS day today... no rain!
I was able to get some photos outside.

This pattern is called
"Mailboxes" by Laundry Basket Quilts.
I have no idea why it's called Mailboxes!

I couldn't decide on what color polka dots to use for the binding
and then I found this fabric.
I love it with all of the polka dot fabrics.

The backing fabric I found is so much fun with all 
of these inspirational sayings.
AND it was on a big sale!!

This one will be put away and wait for someone in need of a quilt.

The design my LAQ used is a swirl with leaves.... Love it!

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Happy Quilting!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Recycled Shirt Baby Quilt

we had some bad storms blow through here again
last night and knocked out our power... again.
Thankfully it's back on this morning and
the internet is now working.

Next week I am going to visit my brother and sister-in-law
and while I am there I will be able to see
their new grandson and granddaughter.

I will also be delivering baby quilts.
You saw Ellie from the other day.

Well, last night I finished sewing the binding on the
baby quilt for their grandson...
my grand nephew.

This is made from recycled mens' shirts.

I used this bright green binding to bring out the brighter
colors in the blocks.

Making a log cabin quilt is something
I had not done in a long time.
I love how it turned out with all of the shirts.

It's so soft and cuddly already.

The label will be added and it will go in the pile
of things to be taken on the trip.

On the knitting front....

For those how have been reading my blog...
Do you remember this sweater I started last year?

Well... it's time to get this finished!!

Here is one sleeve.  I am almost finished with the knitting 
of the diagonal lines and will block it and then knit the
side panels.

Here is the pattern I am using.
I am going to have this finished by fall!

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Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Solid Baby Quilt Finished

Yesterday morning I had a moment of

I cleaned and oiled my sewing machine
and then prepared to quilt the
Solid Baby Quilt I had been working on this week.

My machine wouldn't work!
The needle wouldn't drop!
What was I going to do?
I wanted to deliver this baby quilt on Thursday
and now it wouldn't be finished.

I walked away for a while since it was too early to
take it to the repair shop.

Well....as I was packing the machine up
to take to the repair shop,
I saw that the bobbin casing had dropped out of place.
Could this be the problem???

The quilting commenced and
yesterday I quilted this adorable little quilt.

This is such a bright and happy baby quilt!


It is quilted it with simple grid stitching
in a medium gray thread.

I am a polka dot nut!
This fabric has been in my stash,
 waiting for the perfect quilt
and here it is!

If I don't put a label on this quilt,
it could be reversible.
Maybe I'll just write the label info in the circles?

Now for my second panic moment of the day!
I had thought I would stitch diagonal lines through the quilt,
especially in the 6" plain squares,
so I marked one block with the Frixion pen.
I decided to continue with the grid stitching
and not use the diagonal lines.
After quilting, I ironed the Frixion line
and look...

It's like the pen bleached the fabric!
The photo makes it stand out more than it actually does,
but there is still a faint line there.
Not good!!

I learned a valuable lesson here and will not use
these pens on solid fabric again.

Happy Quilting!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Ellie is Finished!

A couple of months ago (or longer!)
I started a baby quilt for my 
Grand Niece.
Her mom, my niece, LOVED a 
Puffalumps Elephant 
when she was little and this elephant,
went everywhere with her.

Last year I was in a quilt shop and found a pattern of an elephant
named Ellie.
How could I NOT buy it for a future baby quilt for this niece?
Well, her baby was born in May
and I am going up to see them in July.
Time to finish this baby quilt!

Here is Ellie.

Isn't she fun??

The pattern had just one eye,
but as I am looking at this,
do you think she needs another eye?
(It's amazing what stands out in photos!)

I had no gray fabrics in my stash,
so had to go hunting for the fabrics.
Putting Ellie together Crazy Quilt style was fun and
MUCH easier than the pattern suggested.
(Thanks for the idea, Libby!)

I found this text fabric to use as the inner border
and then quilted words into the outer border...
kind of like a secret message.
It's hard to see the words, but they are there!

This Elephant fabric is
"Karavan" by Valori Wells
and makes a perfect backing for this quilt.

I hope Ellie is as loved by my Grand Niece
as her mom's Ellie was by her.

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Happy Quilting!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


The other day a friend and I were
wandering through a thrift/upcycle shop
and she spotted a fun bunting.
She asked if I thought I could make a string for her,
and that's all it took.

The funny thing is,
I was looking at something on line on Thursday and was lead
to this tutorial on a quick and easy way to make buntings or
pennants as they are called in the tutorial.

The tutorial called for using 10" squares,
but I had some left-over 6 1/2" squares from my solid baby quilt.
I pulled some fun polka dots from my stash,
cut those into 6 1/2" squares
and started to sew.

These went together in no time.
I didn't have the twill tape mentioned in the tutorial,
so I just used some 1/4" ribbon I had here.

How fun are these?
I'm going to my friends' for dinner tomorrow
and will take these as a hostess gift.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Solid Phase...

I have not worked with solid fabrics much at all,
but have made up for it in this week alone!

And I am enjoying the solids!

Today I have a Baby quilt on my Design Wall
and it is a bright one!

I am still tweeking this and finding blocks that
don't play nice together.

It's funny...
when my husband looked at this quilt he said,
"Wow! That will keep the baby awake!"
I don't make a quilt thinking that the baby will sleep under it.
I make a quilt thinking it will be used on the floor as the baby plays.
Hopefully the quilts will be used and loved.

Since I had all of the solids still on my cutting table,
I started cutting more squares and now have these:

After I fix the points and press these,
I'm making something fun!
Hopefully these will be finished today
and will be given as a hostess gift to a friend.

My knitting needles have been a little busy this week.
 I finished the pink and black zebra socks.

My niece will love these!

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Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

June Gravity Blocks and Pillows!

The Gravity Blocks for June
are finished
and I have to say,
these are growing on me.

The green colors in this segment are my favorite so far.
Now I am caught up with these blocks!

I've linked to the Gravity Quilt Along for this block!

The other day I bought the fabric to make 
Pillows with the rest of the Mola's that I bought in Panama.

I stayed with solid fabric so the fabric wouldn't
fight with or detract from the beautiful Mola designs.

I would love to know how long it took to make
these pieces.

The handstitching is so tiny and beautiful.

The backs of the pillows are bright and fun, too.

I should have bought more of these Mola's!

Have a great day
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Rainbow Exploded....

.... All over my Hidey Hole!

My Go! Cutter has been busy,
along with my ruler and rotary cutter.

Don't worry though...

I'm putting the pieces back together....

But not according to Roy.

that is.

I'm coming up with my own order...
or Disorder!

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot....

And I am not just talking about this
HOT pink quilt top I finished yesterday.

Summer has arrived!

When it's close to 100 degrees outside,
I'm going to be found inside... sewing!

Borders have been added to my
"Pink Explosion"
and I kept them simple.

Please forgive the spots on this photo...
I don't know why they are there.

I had some of the same zebra print in black and white
and like it as a thin border to stop the pink.

Next will be to quilt this wild thing.
That will be kept simple, too!
Maybe just straight lines?

 This is one of the Mola's I bought in
Panama on the cruise I was on in April.
I collect crosses when I travel
and love this design.
I trimmed it down and added the pink binding.

The piece are a bit wonky,
but the tiny little stitches in this reverse applique are amazing.
I love the pops of color added here and there with the
applique and embroidery.

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Happy Quilting!!