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Monday, May 25, 2020

Red and White Irish Chain Finished

Years ago I had collected red fabrics to make the 
that was a 2 block a month QAL, I think.
(It felt like 2 blocks a day at times!)
I love red and white quilts, but had never made one.
I made a quarter of the quilt and a few more blocks and stopped.
I hated it!
The look was not for me at all and I did not enjoy making the various blocks.
The box of red fabrics went into a cabinet
and the finished quarter quilt went on a hanger.

On January 1, Amber of Gigi's Thimble hosted a QAL.
She was making an Irish Chain quilt,
one I've wanted to make for a while.
I knew just the fabrics to use
and out came the box of reds collected for the Just Takes 2 quilt.

Last week my LAQ called and said my Irish Chain was finished!

Tonight I finished stitching the binding down and am thrilled with this quilt!

This is a queen size quilt and will go on my bed at some point.


The quilting isn't dense or too fancy.
I wanted the reds to sparkle and shine.
My LAQ did a great job!

Now, at some point during the process of making this quilt
I began thinking about what to do for the backing.
I didn't have a piece large enough in my stash and I wanted
to use what I had on hand.
Then I remembered....


The quarter of Just Takes 2, along with a few extra blocks
was still hanging on the back of the door in my hidey hole!
 Yes!! Finally a use for these blocks.

I found all of the larger red pieces of fabric in my stash
and started piecing a back.
This is my least favorite thing to do in quilting,
but I was determined to use these blocks and not purchase fabric.

It's wild, but I love it!
Pieced backings are not usually my thing,
but this one works for me.
The blocks have finally found a home and I have a red and white quilt!

Happy Quilting!
Be safe and be well!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it looks great!! I did an Irish Chain once and kept messing up the layout - interesting back!!

Kim said...

Wow oh Wow!! This quilt is truly amazing....both the front and the back. The front is gorgeous, but then there is the back. I am speechless, really. Gosh, you are clever!

Julierose said...

I love that Irish chain--one of my favorite quilt patterns; [ I made one for my Mom in light pastels..and off white] nice work on this one...

Libby in TN said...

Love your Irish Chain! A QIAD Triple Irish Chain was my intended first quilt. Never got past the cutting!

Sewing Up A Storm said...

I can't remember when I did my first pieced back but now I really love them. Pieced backs are a great way to use stuff you do not really love and really add that interest to the back. Your back is just amazing. Some of those blocks look like they were a lot of work. The simplicity of the irish chain quilt is so beautiful! What an awesome finish!

Vicki in MN said...

You definitely made the right call to abandon the Take 2 quilt and use the glorious reds in the Irish Chain. It's simply gorgeous. So cool that you were able to use up the 'blocks' on the back.

chrisknits said...

How much fun is that quilt!! So pretty. But I can't imagine not using those blocks in a front side quilt!!! I love Irish Chain also, just might need to add that to my wish list.

Unknown said...

Spectacular! I have a concern though. I have no unfinished quilts. What does it say about a quilter who powers through and finishes? OCD or what? I sense I am in the minority on this?

Preeti said...

Gorgeous - front and back. I am sure such a lovely quilt will ensure deep and sound sleep :-)
Stay safe.

sandi s said...

It is gorgeous!! I love red and white quilts! Your backing you made is wonderful too, I just love all of it. Hugs,

straythreads said...

Love it!!!!Great place for those abandoned blocks

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This is terrific; absolutely the BEST! Congrats on a stellar solution.

swooze said...

Love it! Clever idea for the back