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Thursday, February 3, 2022

New Couch Pillows

 When we moved into this house,
we needed to buy some new furniture.
Our old furniture was old and too big for the spaces here.
I had no idea that furniture was backordered
and how long it would take to get it to us.
Anyway, when we ordered the couch
I asked if the pillows could be made with different fabric.
Well, of course they could be....
for $200 EACH!!!
I then asked if I could purchase the fabric I had
found in the store to make my own pillows.
Well, of course I could....
for $130 per yard!!!
I said a big No Thank You.
Thankfully, I can sew.
And I am pretty quick at making pillows.
In two afternoons I had four new pillows made for my new couch.
These were the pillows that came with the couch.
I did not want pillows made from the exact same
fabric as the couch, which is actually a dark navy blue, not gray.

After a fun couple of hours of sewing,
I had two new pillow covers.
These motifs were just wanting to be quilted,
so I had fun playing with some of the designs.

This is my new couch with the four pillows I made
for a LOT less than $200 each!
I do have to say... the pillow inserts that came with the couch pillows
are really, really nice.
Onto the next project!
Happy Quilting!


Annie said...

Great design rescue! WOW...$200 pillows!!!...$130/yd fabric!!! Hahaha....they met up with the wrong buyer for sure. Your pillows look great and your fun added stitching is awesome. And your new couch has come to life with the pillows you made.

Sara said...

Looks awesome! You chose well with that fabric.

Needled Mom said...

The cost of that sort of thing is mind boggling! It’s so nice to be able to do it yourself and you did a beautiful job on them. I love your fabric choices.

Libby in TN said...

Nice job! I don't like matching pillows, either.

Vicki W said...

Oh, those are much better than the ones that came with the furniture!

Kim said...

Oh, those new pillows are gorgeous! So much lovelier than the plain fabric. Love the fabric you chose. Your new pillows complement your new sofa perfectly; so, so much nicer than having matchy matchy. Your new sofa and those fabulous pillows are a lovely touch to your new home.

Rebecca Grace said...

Oh my goodness... I think I'm probably your only reader who is not shocked by those pillow prices. The last pillows I had made for an interior design client were made of $430/yd mohair from the Netherlands... In fact, that's one of the things that attracted me to quilting as a beginner, walking into a quilt shop and realizing that there was not one single fabric in the whole shop that I couldn't afford! :-). You know, a lot of folks say that sewing is an "expensive hobby" and not a money saver today. That's only true if you're comparing the cost of midrange ready to wear garments (that are mass produced in Asia) to the cost of sewing a garment for yourself. When it comes to "Home Dec" sewing -- window treatments, throw pillows, slipcovers, etc -- even a high end sewing machine will pay for itself pretty quickly compared to the cost of having those items custom made for you! Your pillows look great, Ramona, and you can even make sets of pillow covers to switch out for different seasons, holidays etc if you want to!

sandi s said...

Your pillows look wonderful! I love the fabric and the quilting you did. That made them even better. Hugs,

Barb N said...

I've run into the same thing when trying to buy fabric to make arm covers for upholstered chairs. Whoo,eee they want a lot. But I have enough to make two sets, so when the first wears through, I can just jump in and stitch up another set. Your pillows look great on your new couch. It took up months to get some new furniture this past year. It was so long that when it arrived we had kind of forgotten what it looked like, lol!

Debbie said...

Love those pillows! You did a great job and the quilting details really make for an outstanding design. Looks like 200 dollar pillows. Fantastic print. Good for you to be so creative and make the living room suit your style and talents.!