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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Round and Round She Goes

 I have had a box of scrappy skinny strips and two hanks of clothesline
for quite some time, just hanging in my cabinet waiting for their 
turn to come out and play.
While reading Vicki's blog, I was inspired to get these things out
and do some mindless sewing. 

I've never made anything like this with cording or clothesline
and now understand what people mean about it being addictive.

While watching college basketball, I've been winding
the fabric strips onto the cording.

Once it's long enough, I go sew the cording into these wonderful circles!

Three have been made so far and I need to buy more clothesline.
For each placemat, I am using 50 feet of clothesline and LOTS of scraps!
I did make some coasters with the first 50 feet,
so I could practice the technique.   

It's not a quilt, but I'm playing with fabric!

Happy Creating!


Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, gosh, those are pretty, Ramona! When I see things like this, it makes me want to rip down all of my draperies and repaint the whole house so that brightly-hued, cheerful placemats like this could take center stage. Instead, I'm stuck with gold walls, deep rusts and burgundies etc that I was so enamored with 10 or so years ago... :-).

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the bright colors! I have never made these and with my horrible luck at sewing machines I would probably break a needle at the least trying this

Sara said...

Those look great - so bright and vibrant!

Kim said...

Oh, how fabulous your vividly hued coasters are. What fun you have been having.

Needled Mom said...

I love how colorful they are. So festive for the holidays! It IS addictive.

straythreads said...

Such bright cheerful colors you will be making bowls and baskets next

Barb N said...

What a fun way to use up scraps! And the result is awesome. I have this on my Bucket List!

Vicki W said...

Oh darn, now I'm going to want placemats too! Addictive, isn't it?