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Monday, April 6, 2020

A Bunch of Little Finishes

Many, many of us are making masks these days.
I've lost count on how many I've made
and I just received a call for 10 more.

In between making masks I'm getting little projects finished.
These things I've had in my hidey hole for several years
and decided they were perfect mindless projects to work on
when not making masks.

I saw these little guys in a local quilt shop a few years ago
and bought a panel to make them.
Panels are usually not my thing,
but I thought the bunnies were cute.
I love the little bitty bunnies in Mama's pockets!


These animals were all on a panel, too,
and purchased at the same time as the bunnies.
There's a cow in the group, too, but I've run out of
stuffing and am waiting for it to be delivered.
 I might have stuffed them a little too much
as the babies are a bit tight in the pockets.

That's all right... I'm stuffed a little too much, too.  :D


A couple of years ago someone was having a sale on these
Santa Christmas apron panels.
I bought 3, made one up right then and put the other two away.
These two are now finished and will be ready for gift giving!


I finished knitting this shawl over a year ago and then it sat,
waiting and waiting to be blocked.
I HATE blocking things!
Finally, last week, I decided it was time.
If I were to make this shawl again,
I would not use the yarn I chose.
It's super soft, but I'm not wild about the stripes in the shawl.
It's finished and will be ready when cooler weather
comes in the fall.


I love this cable going down the side.

This shawl I finished last month.
While the blocking mats were out,
I blocked this one, too.
Now it won't sit for over a year!

I've been playing with scraps, believe it or not!
Hopefully soon I'll have something to show with those.

Be safe and be well everyone!

Happy Quilting!


Sara said...

Lots of fun finishes. Those Santa aprons should be a hit with whoever receives them as a gift.

Julierose said...

those little bunnies are adorable--big and small. You have quite a menagerie going there...
~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose ;)))

Kim said...

How adorable are those bunnies; as are all the other critters. I am not a fan of blocking woollies either.

Deb said...

Those bunnies are perfect for Easter!

Needled Mom said...

Just catching up here. You have really managed to stay busy and accomplished so much. I look forward to days of NOT sewing masks, but doing some fun sewing. I love that scrappy quilt. That's a great use of the 2.5" squares. I also love the bunnies. What sweet gifts they would make. Your tree skirt came out beautifully as did that great "jelly" strip quilt. I'm looking forward to more normal days ahead.