Sunday, December 5, 2021

Little Henry's Quilt

I realized that I had never posted about Little Henry's quilt.
My goddaughter and husband had this little man the day after my birthday.
Henry was born at 30 weeks and has been in the NICU since his birth.
All is going as well as it can go
and Henry is growing and getting stronger.
After he was born,
I was able to deliver his quilt to his mom.
For some reason I didn't take a photo of the finished quilt...
only the back.

My goddaughter had picked this pattern a while ago
and we were able to go fabric shopping together.
This was before the Deco QAL began!
(My floors are not orange! For some reason the
color of just the flooring is off.)
As I was quilting and praying over this quilt,
I added some hearts and some
words to the quilting.
They are little hidden messages.

  This batik made an awesome backing!
I may have to go back and get more of this.
Welcome to the world, Henry!!
Happy Quilting!   


  1. What a beautiful quilt Ramona. What a great way to let little Henry know you are thinking of him when you put words in the quilting.

  2. Lovely! You always pick such interesting designs to work on.

  3. Ramona, what a sweet quilt! And so very special. A fabulous idea to stitch into it your prayers and thoughts as you lovingly constructed this quilt for little Henry. I love the design and the colors and oh wow, the backing too.

  4. beautiful I hope the little one will be out of the hospital for Christmas!what a good present for the parents that would be

  5. It’s such a pretty prayer quilt for the little guy. Those NICU days are filled with ups and downs, but so glad to hear the progress is steady.

    That is a fabulous backing fabric. I can see it on a lot of different quilts.

  6. What a great quilt. Wishing things continue well for everyone.

  7. What a stunning pattern, and the colors are perfect choices to make the design pop.

  8. I can imagine many prayers and thoughts for little Henry are stitched into this beautiful quilt, Ramona♡ Henry's quilt is a most beautiful quilt. The colours together are gorgeous; as is the pattern. Hoping little Henry grows stronger with each new day♡

  9. what a fun quilt and quilt back. So glad little Henry is growing stronger.

  10. Your Deco Quilt is wonderful! A good distraction over worrying about Henry. I pray he can come home soon!

  11. What a cool pattern and I love the colors. The back is really awesome too.

  12. Beautiful quilt, inspired quilting, lovely backing fabric and the best reason of all to create this masterpiece: a new baby in the world! Here's hoping that Henry gets stronger and heartier every day and that he'll be home soon, crawling all over his awesome quilt!

  13. Absolutely beautiful, Ramona. You should be proud of this gorgeous finish. Sending healing thoughts for Henry. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  14. It's beautiful, and I love that you added the hearts and secret messages. I hope things improve for him and the family. Stay well, these are crazy times. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.