Monday, September 13, 2021

Pineapple Blocks Grow

 I am not one that can make a quilt by pulling out
scraps of fabric from a bin or bag and randomly
sew them together.
Scrappy quilts need to be controlled for me.
In addition,
I want ways that are going to move the process
along for me... make things faster.
Making these pineapple blocks without strip measurements
was driving me crazy.
So, as I was making a block,
I measured each piece that was sewn on and noted it.
Bins were purchased (2 for $1 at the Dollar Store!)
and strips were cut to the
appropriate lengths.
They didn't need to be perfect, but close to size.
I now have my row of bins with pre-cut strips
and I am ready to go!

I'm sewing the blocks in groups of ten,
which makes it easy to keep track of how many
I've made.


 There are now 30 blocks made!
Only 91 more to go!
This is my temporary sewing station,
but I have room for my Ipad with my audio books,
as well as my evening glass of wine on the 
card table next to my sewing machine.
The good news is it looks like things are beginning
to move in the renovation area.
My contractor thinks he can begin work in two weeks!
I cannot wait to get my new Hidey Hole!!

Happy quilting!


  1. No wonder you get so much done and a glass of wine to make it more fun

  2. I know what you mean! Whichever side of the brain that wants organization takes over every time. My creative side says "great idea," but the control side says "yes, but ..."

  3. That's going to be a really striking quilt. I hope you have your new sewing room soon!

  4. Any port in the storm, as they say. I would HAVE TO find a place to sew if chaos ensued at my home, in any form. You've come up with a great plan and the pineapples look cool, calm and very collected! ;) Cheers!

  5. I love scrappy quilts - but am much more comfortable with "controlled" scrappy as well. Those little baskets will make organizing these so much easier for you. Beautiful colors!

  6. Such a gorgeous block! Sewing and a glass of wine....sounds like a very good plan.

  7. I noticed the glass of wine right away! Your blocks are so pretty, it's going to be a gorgeous quilt. Are you using a special ruler for your pineapples? OMG you are still waiting for your new hidey hole, eek. I am sure it will be worth it when done.

  8. How exciting!!! And yes, there is often wine in my studio, too — I just keep it far, far away from customers’ quilts! You are so much more organized than I was with my pineapple log cabin. Your blocks are looking great and I can’t wait to see your new and improved hidey-hole once it’s finished!

  9. Great job on your organization! Those blocks are so pretty. You must be so eager to see construction begin on your new studio. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress.

  10. Oh those colors are playing so well together! I'll bet, that in addition to those organizational baskets, it's that fine wine that makes everything come together!