Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Stockings Were Hung....

 ....and the rest of the house was decorated, too.
We moved into our current home in the spring of 2021,
but with my mom's death in late October last year,
I didn't decorate for Christmas at all.
I put a tiny tree up and that was it.
Our old house was very big and I had a LOT
of decorations for that house.
I moved a lot of them, but wasn't sure how they would all
fit into this house.
This year I was excited to decorate and am
happy to see that a lot of my Christmas treasures
fit into this house nicely.
We had a mantle added to our fireplace this year and it looks
great with all of our Bucilla stockings hanging from it.

This little nook is in my kitchen.

My quilt cabinet is quite festive with some
of my vintage treasures decorating it.

Years ago I found a woman who makes Santas from old quilts
and chenille blankets.  I've collected a number of them
over the years and love getting them out each year.


My parents started buying me a Frykman Santa for Christmas years ago,
so I have a nice collection of these.
They look great on the dining room table with a vintage tablecloth.

This skinny tree has a lot of the handmade ornaments on it
and is in the family room.
The grandchildren can't hurt the ornaments on this tree,
so it's where we spend most of our time.

I was thrilled that the big tree fits into the sun room
and looks nice in there.
There are colored lights on this tree,
which don't show up very well in the photo.
If you couldn't tell... I have a "thing" for ornaments!
I hope you all have a  Merry Christmas
filled with peace and joy.

Merry Christmas!!



  1. A gorgeous array of Christmas!! It looks wonderful. My fireplace mantle hung with stockings is probably my favorite spot in the house.

  2. I think your house looks very pretty for the holidays - just right!

  3. Beautiful Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas!

  4. I never would have guessed! No mantle for your stockings? I'm surprised you didn't pick another house! Seriously, you have done a masterful job displaying all your treasures. I have several of those same vintage ornaments, some of them from my first Christmas tree (according to legend - I was too small to remember).

  5. The stockings look just perfect hanging off the new mantle. Your whole house is looking so festive! Merry Christmas!!

  6. Your decorations are so gorgeous! Love getting to see them all!