Sunday, December 4, 2022

Fabric Weaving Pillow

 A couple of posts back I showed some fabric weaving
I had tried.
It was for a pillow for my son in law.
Well, I learned a valuable lesson in my first attempt at
fabric weaving.

When pressing the woven piece to the interfacing under it,
do not iron it.... press it!

Once it was all ironed, the piece was distorted.
As I was ironing, I didn't realize that I was pushing
the strips and causing distortion.

The end result was off square by almost 2" in spots...
unacceptable to use for a pillow.

But Wait!

I looked at the piece and realized that the middle was
not distorted.  I could cut the middle out of the piece
and add borders and salvage some of the weaving.

Here is the result:

I had quilted the piece with a big spiral already,
so I quilted borders with some grid quilting
and added them with a "quilt as you go" technique.
The backing was added and then I bound the pillow.

These colors are more true and you can see the weaving better
in this photo.
It's a big pillow...24" square.  They like big pillows
at my daughter's house.
This one is finished and I've started the second one.
It is not being made with fabric weaving!
 That one will be shown soon.
Happy Quilting!


  1. It really looks pretty. Sorry about the lesson you learned, but grateful for the advice. The colors and fabrics are so pretty in it and it was a great rescue.

  2. Good save of the center, good lesson learned.

  3. Nice save looks like the beginning of creation... out of the void.....then there was light