Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Candy Bags

What a time to give up reading blogs and such for Lent!
Reading blogs helps keep my mind off of things,
but I've held out and have not given in to the temptation
during these unusual times.

So, instead of reading or being out in public,
I've been sewing.

My sister had collected a pile of candy bags to be made
into little pouches.  They have been sitting here on a shelf,
along with some I had collected from others,
waiting to be used and their time came over the last few days.

There is quite a variety here.
And, NO, I did not eat the candy!

This one is reversible,
Tootsie Roll on one side,
Kisses on the other.


I made this bunch assembly line style,
so took a photo of all of them when I finished.


This one is my favorite!
My sister gave me this bag.
I hadn't thought to use a chocolate chip bag for this!

This bag is totally different.
A while ago I found a tutorial on line and had to make one.
The sequins were purchased at the Dollar Store...
$1/pack and I used two packs in this bag.
The most difficult part of making this bag
was turning it inside out.

I have more sequins and may make a couple more of these,
but, otherwise, I'm done with bags for a while!

Happy Quilting!
Be well all!


  1. I have never made any, but seen lots. Yours are so fun, awesome job! Did yours still smell like candy?

  2. Sew cute in this time of extended snow days I’ll have browse through your blog for the pattern
    There is snow in the forecast for today I think I would make some bags with coffee packages
    Part of the joy of a snow day was doing something that I hadn’t planned
    Have a great day

  3. Very cute collection of bags!! One of my friends has been doing the candy bags and did a demo for a few of us last summer. But I just can't make myself give them a try. My granddaughters would love these so eventually I may have to make some.

  4. Each are so cute in their own way!!