Friday, October 18, 2019

Finished and Almost Finished

The putzing continues here at my end of the street,
but I am seeing the end in sight on this Bucilla kit I've been making.

Last night I stitched the backing in place on the 
Gingerbread Cottage Advent Calendar.
Now I just need to stitch the back of the snow to the chimney
and add the hanging cord to the ornaments.

The almost finished cottage.
The backing for the chimney snow is pinned in place.


 All of the ornaments are just placed on the cottage.
They will attach to the sequins sewn onto it.
I need to add the hangers.


The host and hostess! 

I'm excited to have this almost finished!
Now that I'm back into working on these kits,
I have my next one picked out to make.
Hopefully I'll keep going for a while
and have fewer unfinished kits in my cabinet.

I confess....
I have a new obsession!!

A while ago I watched the tutorial by 
on making little pouches from candy bags.
I had saved a candy bag from my daughter after Easter
and finally decided to try making a pouch with it.

Can I just say.... these are so much fun and so stinking cute!!

They go together in no time.

I've made two and have the third bag prepped and ready to go!

The biggest problem with making these bags....
not eating the candy!

Happy Quilting!


  1. The cottage is just the cutest!! Well done!!

    A friend from guild has been making these and even did a demo at guild last summer. She has everyone saving candy bags for her. LOL

  2. I don't get the candy bags. Is there a YouTube video?

  3. gingerbread cottage is so cute and so are the candy bags. thanks for the link to the video
    have a great weekend

  4. Your GB house just got cuter with all the ornaments on it. Is this one you are keeping? You will have to get your friends to keep the candy bags for you so you are not tempted with the candy!!! You would get loads of bags now that Halloween is approaching:0

  5. The gingerbread cottage is just as lovely as I knew it would be. Shucks--no double shucks...I watch what I thought was all of Jenny Doan's MSQC videos but I have missed this one. I cringe to think of how many candy bags I've thrown away! What can I say????----my grandbabies love candy. lol