Wednesday, April 3, 2019


I have always been a fan of M.C. Escher's work.
It's fascinating to me to try and figure out
his optical illusions
and to see how he starts with one object
and ends up with something completely different.
His Geometries are even more intriguing to me.

When I saw this pattern
saw it made from Kaffe fabrics,
it was a win/win for me. 

Cutting all of the pieces took some time.
The fabrics had to be organized into
light/medium/dark sets and then cut into strips.
The strips were subcut into parallelogram shaped pieces.

And the sewing began.
And the ripping came shortly there after.

After much sewing and not as much ripping (thank goodness!),
the blocks are finished!

Two different blocks were needed to complete the design...
a left facing triangle and a right facing triangle.

 Once all of the triangles are made,
the pattern gives very good directions on placing them
in the right order so you end up with this!

I could never design something like this,
but I can follow directions!
Blocks will be cut in half to fill in the top and bottom areas.

These blocks aren't sewn into rows yet.
It's going to be a slow process, too,
to make sure they stay in the right order.

This is one of the coolest patterns I've used.
The link to the pattern has one made in black, white and red, too.
I might have to make another one at some point,
but need to finish this one first.

Happy Quilting!


  1. WOW - I love this it looks so complicated but once you see the individual blocks you see how it is done

  2. Fabulous! I'm not a big fan of Kaffe, but those fabrics are perfect for this application

  3. So having made this quilt/illusion do you understand better where the structure is in in an Escher drawing?

  4. This is fantastic!! The Kaffe fabrics add so much to the design.

  5. This is gorgeous and fascinating. I love it.

  6. Just amazing! Have really enjoyed seeing these blocks come together.

  7. Oh Wow! Your quilt is amazing! You have worked even more magic with Kaffe Fasset fabrics. It looks terribly complicated to me. You truly are a marvel!

  8. This is stunning! I always wondered how those blocks were made, so thank you for the tips. I love your quilt--it's so beautiful in the Kaffes.

  9. This is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful use of Kaffe fabrics and the dimension is amazing. I have always been fascinated with this type of design.

  10. WOW! I have never been a fan of Kaffee fabrics but wow you made them work. I could look at it for hours to see where pests of fabrics are. I just love the architecture of it and the bright colors. Well done!

  11. You have the fabrics placed just right so that the pattern really jumps out at you, you do fabulous workRamona!

  12. This is absolutely stunning! Please share again once it is quilted.

  13. After I said OMG five times, took a deep breath and stopped drooling and panting at the same time,I am typing this comment. This is absolutely spectacular!!! Drop dead gorgeous diva of a quilt!!! You must be over the moon. Congratulations Ramona!!! I could not be more impressed.

  14. Fabulous! I love the pattern but also your choice of fabrics. It really pops.

  15. OMG! That is absolutely fabulous! I could look at it forever.

  16. What a beautiful quilt top! So colorful and fun.

  17. I have this kit, and actually made a few of the triangles, but I kept looking at the fabrics and thought "I do not like these" Your fabrics look like the same in my kit, and now I am thinking it will work out just fine. Thank you for my renewed inspiration.

  18. Can you please share a link to the pattern? All I could find was a link to the kit. I LOVE this quilt! What an amazing quilt! Nice job~

  19. I highly recommend taking the class on this Escher quilt at the Quilt-agious Quilt shop in Mukwonago Wisc. Great instructor with clear directions. Fabulous quilt shop with wonderful fabrics. My quilt turned out great.

    1. I wish they did a online Escher class

  20. I would like to know what pattern you used. I purchased the Color Junction pattern, but the directions very complicated. The pattern does not use the triangle method.

  21. Hello, I am making this Escher quilt in batiks, and I am ready to sew the rows together.

    But I am wondering how to finish this quilt?
    Did you do it with a small border, or did you do it without any border?

    Thanks for your answer!! Mieke

  22. How beautiful! My son has loved Escher's work for many years, and this would be the perfect quilt to make for him. I found the kit but wonder if there is a pattern that can be purchased.

  23. How beautiful! My son has loved Escher's work for many years. This would be a perfect quilt to make for him. I've seen the kit, but is there a pattern?

  24. Did you find the pattern by itself somewhere? All I’ve been able to find is the kit & I prefer not to buy kits. Thank You

  25. I would like to get the pattern alone, I prefer not to buy kits. Did you find the pattern somewhere?

  26. Hello! Your quilt is absolutely fantastic! Like others, I would like to have the name of the pattern. I'm going back to the linked site to try to find the kit. Thanks for any help! Patt

  27. The minute I saw your quilt I started searching for the pattern. Is there a specific ruler you use to cut the triangles?

  28. I wonder if you could share how big the triangles are. I'm inspired to make this one, but I can't find just the pattern alone. Thanks, Loretta

  29. Can you tell us where one can buy the Escher pattern? I would prefer to buy just the pattern and gather the fabrics myself. I just don't like buying kits. I've look every where I know to look and haven't found it yet. Thanks so much!

  30. Is this available as pattern only? My grandson wants this quilt but very different fabric choices