Monday, November 5, 2018

Christmas Ornaments 2018

For the past few years
my sister's family and mine exchange
Christmas ornaments on Christmas Eve,
while eating Chinese food at our mom's.
Some of us make our ornaments
and some of us purchase them.
It doesn't matter,
because laughter is always part of the evening.

Since we are into November already,
it was time for me to get my ornaments started.

I have a fair amount of wool felt and decided to use it for
this years ornaments.
Pinterest is a wonderful place for ideas!

 One niece loves butterflies.

I need to stitch the backing in place and remove the pins. :)
This one will be for either my mom or my sister.


This is the Sign Language symbol for "I love you."
I have a great niece and a great nephew
who will be receiving these.


There are a few more to make before I am finished with
this year's ornaments,
but I have started!
I'm linking to Design Wall Monday today.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Those are just adorable. I love the sign language ones. That is so sweet. Your stitching is beautiful on them.

  2. Pinterest is a dangerous place that swallows you up whole. It is a maze and may take hours for you to get out of its murky labyrinth. But if you find a cute symbol of love, I guess it is worth the effort :-)

  3. What a wonderful tradition. And the ornaments are so special. I give my kids and grandkids each an ornament each year at Thanksgiving. But I realized this weekend that we are doing Turkey Day next Saturday and I don't have ornaments yet. Oops!!

  4. What a great family tradition!

  5. Makes me want to make some ornaments, they are wonderful.


  6. How fun for you all each Christmas to do this. So you are saying you made these up-I am so impressed!

  7. Very creative and such a nice tradition.

  8. I love your ornaments! So much nicer than store bought.