Saturday, March 3, 2018

"Baby" baby Quilt is Finished

Yesterday was a good day to spend sewing,
with the winds being what they were here.
Thankfully, we didn't have the snow to go with the winds
like they did up in the north.

While playing in my Hidey Hole,
I decided to get two baby quilts quilted
and finished.

This "Baby" quilt top had been finished for a while
and was just waiting for me to move forward.

These fabrics came in a fat quarter bundle I picked up somewhere.
The yellow "baby" fabric and the birds caught my eye.


I didn't want to lose those two fabrics,
so chose a simple design for this quilt.


Then I just stitched in the ditch for the quilting.


Making the backing is my least favorite part of quilting,
so I usually just have plain fabric.
I needed this backing to be a bit wider than the width of fabric
and I had left over squares,
so the backing was pieced.


It's a finish!
I'll take it for a spin in the washer
and then add it to my collection of quilts waiting for babies.


Have a great weekend
Happy Quilting!


  1. The colors are luscious! I can see why you didn't want to pass up that bundle.

  2. cute pattern in those colors - someone is going to love this quilt

  3. You have a whole COLLECTION of baby quilts, waiting for babies?! I have a whole collection of TEENAGERS waiting for their baby quilts... ;-)

  4. Cute finish! You are on a roll!

  5. This is another great baby quilt. The colors are wonderful in it.