Monday, February 12, 2018

Blooming Nine Patch

The past few days have seen a little progress on the
Kaffe Blooming Nine Patch
I'm making.

*****Edit.....I had called this quilt by the wrong name originally!
It’s not a disappearing four patch, but a blooming Nine Patch!
Thank you, Libby, for pointing this out! ******

The farther out the rounds of squares are,
the more cutting, sewing and cutting needs to be done.

I am thrilled with how this is coming together, though.
It's a bright and wild quilt for sure!

My design wall isn't nearly big enough for this entire quilt.
This is as wide as I've made it at this point,
but I can't get the length on my wall.

There is one more round of nine patches left to make and add.

This is the fabric that will be last and will make the border.

I added one more square to the length. The original pattern
called for three solid squares down the middle,
but I am using four.

Hopefully all of the squares will be made in the next few days.
Then the sewing of rows begins!

I'm linking to Design Wall Mondays today.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh, WOW, Ramona! That's all 9-patches and squares?! It's GORGEOUS!!

  2. I only knew because it's one of my favorite quilt patterns. And possibly now that I've seen yours, my favorite use of Kaffe fabrics!

  3. I love that you are using Kaffe fabrics in this. It is just gorgeous.

  4. It's looking great! My design wall is wider than taller, which is definitely awkward sometimes!

  5. I have never really studied these quilts before, they always looked so complicated so I bypassed them. So thanks for pointing out it is just 9 patches and squares, makes it so much easier to understand. But still I'll just admire yours(and not make one)! Good progress so far this week-keep it up!!

  6. Thank you for posting the pictures of your project. I was able to zoom in on a column of solid squares and see the fabrics you chose. Now I get it. Now off to look for fabrics.