Thursday, February 22, 2018

Blooming Burst of Color

I just put the finishing stitches in this Blooming Nine Patch.
The blocks were sewn into rows
and the rows are now sewn into a quilt top.

And it is one bright, fun quilt!

I, obviously, have not trimmed the edges yet.
I was so excited to have the top sewn together,
I just had to share quickly!


 My husband said if I put this on our bed,
we won't need a night light!
I'm just trying to help him out!  :D

 The backing fabric has not been purchased yet.
A friend suggested polka dots.
You know I LOVE polka dots,
so that's what I will look for to finish this wild quilt.

As I've mentioned in previous posts,
this was a kit.
It's the third blooming nine patch I've made
and, by far, my favorite!

The pattern can be found in the book
"Tradition with a Twist"
by Blanche Young and Dalene Young Stone.

I did alter the pattern, but the idea is the same.

Happy Quilting!


  1. it is very pretty, I think with the colors though that I would have had a hard time with layout - not being able to notice mistakes? but seeing as this was your third you most likely were very familiar with it.

  2. This is stunning!! I just love the color choices and how it "blooms".

  3. That looks like Kaffe Fasset fabric? Wow, congrats on getting to a top.

  4. It is simply GORGEOUS! Sorry for shouting, but I really love this top.

  5. The colours you chose blend beautifully, it's gorgeous.

  6. This is such a gorgeous quilt. Love the blend of warm and lively colors!

  7. I concur with your hubby, I was thinking sunglasses would be needed, hehe. It is truly a beauty my friend!!

  8. This is absolutely stunning. Your colors are magnificent. I’m gonna do one and I think this one is my favorite